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Roda JC came into being by the merger of several football clubs from Kerkrade. In 1954, SV Kerkrade (formed 1926) and SV Bleijerheide (formed 1914) merged to form Roda Sport. That same year, Rapid ’54 (formed 1954) and amateur club Juliana (formed 1910) merged to form Rapid JC, which would go on to win the Dutch league in 1956.

On June 27, 1962, Rapid JC and Roda Sport merged to form Roda JC. They were placed in the Eerste Divisie, and after a relegation they were promoted back to the top division in 1973, where they would stay for 41 years until being relegated in 2014. In 2009/10, they added Kerkrade to the name to create brand awareness and get financial support.

Roda JC is known as the “coal-miner’s club”; fans of archrival club MVV, from the provincial capital of Maastricht, say those words condescendingly. However, in Kerkrade and the surrounding area, they are said with pride and respect. The last Dutch coal mines were closed in the 1970s, but the southeastern part of the Netherlands’ most southern province, Limburg, is still referred to as the Mijnstreek (“mine district”) today. The coal mines are still recalled in folk songs in the regional dialect and in the stories of old miners, reminiscing about an era that will never return. Southern Limburg will always be their home. Their team, in most cases, is Roda JC.

Roda JC’s club honours include seven European campaigns and six KNVB Cup finals, of which they won two. One of its predecessors in club’s “family tree” of mergers, Rapid JC, were champions of the Netherlands in 1956. Ten out of eleven players on that Rapid JC team were coal miners.

Roda J C visited Somerset Park on 30th July 1975 as Ayr arrived back from an exhaustive eight match tour of Canada. The match at Ayr was altogether a sterner test for United than had been the opposition in Canada but nevertheless goals from Johnny Graham, Gerry Phillips and Alex Ingram gave United a 3-2 lead late in the match.

However, Roda equalised in the last minute to earn a 3-3 draw.

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