Ayr United’s exploit’s over the years have ensured that the club and players have featured in many types of published memorabilia. Usually, this takes the form of cigarette or bubble gum cards, but it has also been through football magazine league ladders and model cars.

There has also been a glass drinking mug produced for their championship-winning year in 1987/88 not to mention a T-shirt with the full seasons’ results publicised forevermore on the back of the shirt. The club team groups have appeared in football magazines and the club has also been featured on Post Office First Day Covers.

Somerset Park has also featured in jigsaw form and many items have been sold at the club shop such as computer mice and mouse mats, pens, rulers, and forms of stationary.

Somerest park

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Honest Men

‘’We all hate the kills’’


Ground: Somerest
park, Ayr

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