Robert Conner
Manager Profile

Manager Details

  • Full Name: Robert Conner
  • First Appointed: March 4th, 2005

Managerial History

Mar 4th, 2005 to Feb 14th, 2007

Most Appearances Top Scorers

First Match In Charge
Mar 5th, 2005 1 - 1 vs. Alloa Athletic, League (2nd Division)

Last Match In Charge
Feb 3rd, 2007 0 - 2 vs. Brechin City, League

Total Players Used:

Biggest Win(s)
Oct 28th, 2006 5 - 0 vs. Forfar Athletic, League (2nd Division)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Oct 22nd, 2005 0 - 6 vs. Dumbarton, League

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
87 25 26 36 106 124
(28.7%) (29.9%) (41.4%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
44 12 12 20 46 56
(27.3%) (27.3%) (45.5%)


Robert Connor was appointed Manager and Robert Reilly his Assistant Manager in March 2005. Results didn’t go to well for the ‘two Rabs’ as they became known amongst supporters. Season 2005/06 started with promise, however, but despite some good performances the club did not even make the newly created play off’s.

The following season began more promisingly and by Christmas 2006 the club were sitting in second spot. But a serious of bad results, brightened only but a few good cup performances, left the club in serious relegation trouble a mere six weeks later. In mid February 2007 the two Rabs were sacked by the club.

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