Alex Stuart
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Manager Details

  • Full Name: Alex Stuart
  • First Appointed: November 25th, 1975

Managerial History

Nov 25th, 1975 to Sep 23rd, 1978

Most Appearances Top Scorers

First Match In Charge
Nov 29th, 1975 1 - 0 vs. Aberdeen, Premier League

Last Match In Charge
Sep 16th, 1978 2 - 5 vs. Dumbarton, League

Total Players Used:

Biggest Win(s)
Nov 27th, 1976 4 - 1 vs. Motherwell, Premier League
Sep 15th, 1976 3 - 0 vs. Newcastle United, Anglo-Scottish Cup (Quarter Final - 1st Leg)
Jun 30th, 1976 3 - 0 vs. Enugu Rangers, Nigerian Tour

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Nov 26th, 1977 0 - 5 vs. Rangers, Premier League
Sep 17th, 1977 0 - 5 vs. Motherwell, Premier League
Oct 30th, 1976 1 - 6 vs. Kilmarnock, Premier League
Sep 11th, 1976 0 - 5 vs. Aberdeen, Premier League
Mar 3rd, 1976 0 - 5 vs. Dundee United, Premier League

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
135 44 27 64 161 225
(32.6%) (20.0%) (47.4%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
68 24 16 28 86 103
(35.3%) (23.5%) (41.2%)


Alex Stuart initially made his name playing for Dundee before excelling as manager of Montrose whom he left to replace Ally MacLeod at Ayr

As manager of the only part time club in the Premier League, he did well to maintain a top ten place in consecutive seasons managing to obtain a superb 6th place in the Premier League, just missing out on a European place. Having beat an Ally MacLeod led Aberdeen in his first match in charge and beating Celtic 2-1 at Celtic Park he held his nerve to bring the club home to that 6th place.

Season 1976/77 began well for him which brought about the attention of others. He in refused job offers from both Dundee and Aberdeen. 1977/78 saw Alex Stuart asserting his tactically aware style of management, effectively motivating players if less extrovertly as MacLeod. Criticism of the manager came through the pages of the Ayrshire Post and by demonstrators outside his home. A 5-2 defeat by Dumbarton at home on 16th September 1978 was too much for the fans - and for the manager. He resigned the following Saturday morning.

Nevertheless the drop to the First Division did come in 1978 despite beating Celtic twice that season.

He had a short, final managerial spell with St Johnstone at the end of the 1970s. Stuart went on to become a sports administrator, working on a project for Dundee and Dundee United to share a youth academy.

He is now retired.

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