Alex Gibson
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Manager Details

  • Full Name: Alex Gibson
  • Died: March 6th, 1952
  • First Appointed: September 24th, 1931

Managerial History

Sep 24th, 1931 to Jan 7th, 1935

Most Appearances Top Scorers

First Match In Charge
Sep 26th, 1931 2 - 0 vs. Dundee United, League (1st Division)

Last Match In Charge
Jan 5th, 1935 0 - 8 vs. Albion Rovers, League

Total Players Used:

Biggest Win(s)
Apr 8th, 1933 6 - 0 vs. Dundee, League (1st Division)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Jan 5th, 1935 0 - 8 vs. Albion Rovers, League (1st Division)
Aug 15th, 1933 1 - 9 vs. Rangers, League (1st Division)
Aug 12th, 1933 0 - 8 vs. Aberdeen, League (1st Division)

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
147 56 24 67 278 366
(38.1%) (16.3%) (45.6%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
76 42 11 23 173 121
(55.3%) (14.5%) (30.3%)


Alex Gibson was a former Kilmarnock chairman and ex-manager of Preston North End having left PNE in the summer of 1931. He was appointed Ayr manager on 24th September 1931. Despite his Scottish connections Gibson had been accused whilst at Preston of not releasing players to play for Scotland. During his time at Ayr there was some fleeting glory such as a 3-0 win at Celtic Park in March 1934 but he eventually struggled to maintain Ayr United's First Division status.

That status looked fragile following an 8-0 defeat away to Albion Rovers in January 1935 and Gibson resigned on the Monday. A particularly smart bit of business was in August 1933 when he convinced rampant scorer Terry McGibbons that he should sign for Ayr United.

He resigned on 7th January 1935 at a Board meeting after some bad results and in particular an 8-0 drubbing by Albion Rovers the previous Saturday.

He died in Ayr on 6th March 1952.

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