Foreign clubs


Ayr United have played a number of matches against foreigh opposition over the years - alas all on tours rather than European competition. Their first ever sortie abroad was in May 1928 when the club set out with a party of fourteen players and some officials for a tour of Scandinavia. Their is a superb account of their outward trip in Duncan Carmichael’s official history of the club, volume 1.

He describes that after an early meal on the boat trip across many ‘heads disappeared over the rail at regular intervals’. There were many gaps at the breakfast table the next morning. The entire journey from a 9am train from Ayr on Saturday morning took two days to disembarkation in Oslo at 10.30am on Monday morning.

Ayr’s next trip abroad was in Canada in 1973 producing a 27 goal spree for the Honestmen in a mere four games. This was followed immediately by follow on a tour of France. Further tours to Canada, (1975) and Sweden in 1998 and 2001 took place.

In Ayr United’s centenary season of 2009/10 they brought the then Romanian champions to Somerset Park, the first team from that country to play against the Honest Men.

Not all matches had matchday programmes produced.

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